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Jane Falashtynskaya
26 years old
"It's UN-RE-ALI-STIC to cool! Yura, Jenya, thank you for this website! Because joined a huge number of completely different and, at the same time, such similar people. "Helped" to get out of their dens, tear off their fifth point of the computers start communicate and actively spend their leisure time, I am grateful for Frevend acquaintance with great people, without which my summer would be much more boring. Thanks for the positive and smile! wish you success, prosperity and global recognition! P.S.: Everyone go to offline!"
Ann Khoroshok
19 years old
"I'm not going to say much the trivial - briefly tell! There is life before ... and after This site brings people together. We are all so different, but we are together! Idea for the sake of the crowd, the crowd for the sake of an idea. All good! Meet on;) "
Alex Starychenko
30 years old
"I am registered at about then 2 months ago, fumbled what was happening and realized that the idea as relevant as ever, at least for me. My group of friends scattered life, many married, and someone moved. Overall, eventually we began to see less and less, until finally lost. My life has become routine, home-job-home, only occasionally turned out, somewhere to relax and leave it psychologically tired even stronger. Essentially, everything is real communication outside of work I replaced the network. Not that that would be after work, I could not get anywhere, but just was not with anyone. Simply squander loot to hang out for me, not in a rush, I needed the same slightly shifted, easy-going people for leisure. So when I went to the first event, and then on the second, third, I started communicating with exactly those people who have been looking for! and most surprisingly, it emerged feeling some kinship, as if you spend time with people who are familiar with more than one year! And the more you meet, the more trust each other.
In the 2 months I got more emotion than in the past few years !!!"
Annie Alymova
19 years old
"One day, I accidentally stumbled upon and opened up a new world and new opportunities.
A world where there is always a joy, laughter, warmth, new friends, sincere meeting, an incredible experience from what you get huge positive charge, and actually something that helps to feel the fullness of life.
Here you can find like-minded people, as well as meet future friends. Personally, I hung on it specifically, and for a long time, because with world a brighter place!"
See? Life can be an adventure :)
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